Krill Oil vs Fish Oil Benefits

Many people realize the health benefits of Fish Oil, but there aren’t a lot of people who are aware the Krill Oil may actually be a better alternative. While there are many common factors between the two, the subtle differences are the differences that can have a huge impact on your health.

Subtle Differences Make a Big Impact
One of the common factors is that both Fish Oil and Krill Oil contain Omega Fatty Acids. In this case, the difference is where the Omega Fatty Acids come from. The Omega Fatty Acids in Fish Oil come from the fatty layer of fish. The Omega Fatty Acids in Krill Oil come from small crustaceans instead of a fatty layer and are more easily absorbed by the human body. While krill and fish are both found in bodies of water, the threat of mercury is only associated with Fish Oil. Krill are small crustaceans that don’t contain any mercury, so you don’t have worry about ingesting mercury when you opt to take Krill Oil.
Important Health Benefits of Krill Oil Vs. Fish Oil

  • Krill Oil and its role in Cholesterol Management
  • Due to the changes in our present day lifestyles, we are shifting towards food habits that lead us to high cholesterol levels in our body and has become a common issue. In everyone’s life there definitely exists at least one individual who is suffering due to a high level of cholesterol. Due to high cholesterol levels in the body, it leads to deposition in the arteries. Eventually, this would result in a lower rate of blood flow to the heart and may also prove to be fatal by causing heart attack.

    Even though this might seem to be risky and induce a sense of paranoia, it is a matter of fact. However, as per the recent studies, it has emerged that Krill Oil can act as a life-saver. This conclusion is mainly based on the fact that NutraCares Krill Oil lowers the level of cholesterol in the body.

    Krill Oil reduces the level of LDL Cholesterol, also known as the bad cholesterol and in turn, increases the HDL or the good cholesterol levels. One more variant of fat, known as the triglyceride is one more element that increases the risk of heart attack. This is also curbed down by NutraCares Krill Oil. There was one more study conducted on people suffering from high cholesterol. During the study period, the groups were provided with fish oil and the other group with placebo and Krill Oil. The results clearly pointed towards Krill Oil being more fruitful, with the fish oil being nowhere close to it.

    NutraCares Krill Oil comprises of phospholipids, Omega-3 fatty acids and different types of anti-oxidants, which makes it far better than fish oil considering the benefits it has on the health. With the benefits being so great, European medicos have started opting for Krill Oil over other traditional medicines available. Hence, along with healthy diets and a routine exercise pattern, Krill Oil supplements are highly beneficial as it reduces cholesterol levels to a great extent.

  • How Krill Oil Kills High Blood Pressure
  • One more adverse effect the modern lifestyle habits have on us is high blood pressure. It is known as the force that the arteries experience when blood flows through them. When a person suffers from high blood pressure, the force exerted on the arteries and heart is greater than the admissible limit which damages the heart and rest of the body.The number of people suffering from high blood pressure is so high that, 1 out of 3 people in US are affected. A person might suffer from this condition or also hypertension, without even knowing about it as it would not be evident until it causes harm. Due to this, high blood pressure is highly dangerous and it is also termed as “the silent killer”.


    Considering the danger and risks involved due to high blood pressure, it is essential that we ourselves keep a regular check on the blood pressure levels as you would never get to know that you are suffering from this condition if not. Also, by realizing about high blood pressure in the early stages, preventive measure can be taken to control it.
    With the risks being so high, one of the best ways to prevent is by consuming Omega-3 regularly. Various scientific studies conducted have also proved that it is the best possible way to keep the cholesterol levels in check. According to The American Heart Association, Omega-3 is highly recommended for patients of high blood pressure and a daily consumption of 1000mg of Omega-3 would significantly cut down the risks of heart related problems.

    Omega-3 can be found in high concentrations in Krill Oil. It must also be known that the Omega-3 present in Krill Oil is more advantageous and beneficial compared to that present in fish oil.

    The superiority in NutraCares Krill Oil can mainly be attributed to the fact that NutraCares Krill Oil comprises of Omega-3 in the form of phospholipids, the same structure in which human cell membranes are made up of whereas Omega-3 in fish oil exists in the form of a fatty acid called triglycerides. When rats were administered with krill oil, their blood pressure lowered soon.

    In the tails of Krill, a peptide exists and when this is administered to rats, there is an instant drop in their blood pressure. Hence, it can be concluded that apart from the Omega-3 present, the peptide present also benefits the health and thus, krill oil can be chosen over fish oil at any point for the excellent health of your heart.


  • Krill Oil’s protection against Inflammation
  • It is the natural tendency of the body to protect itself from anything that causes pain or discomfort to the body. However, this remedial measure taken by the body can act detrimental by producing inflammation in the body.

    A study by Canadians found that when krill oil is consumed at regular intervals, the risk of harmful inflammation in the body is lowered. Also, patients of osteoarthritis can be benefitted to a great extent as it lessens the aches and rigidity of the joints within 7 days of consumption. In the study which involved people suffering from heart problems and arthritis of both kinds; rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, apart from the effect on inflammation, the levels of C-reactive protein were also tested for, as it acts as an indicator of the level of inflammation in the body.

    With the consumption of NutraCares Krill Oil, C-protein levels were found to have reduced to a great extent and the inflammation levels dropped considerably, also lessening the aches and joint pains which arise due to arthritis. With such wonderful healing properties of NutraCares Krill Oil, it is best advised to consume Krill Oil regularly and it is also considered safer when compared to Non-Steroidal Inflammatory Drugs (NSID) that are presently used for treating arthritis.

    The group of people who were not administered with Krill Oil suffered from greater inflammation and the arthritis patients also showed higher level of dependence on NSID while they were not receiving Krill Oil. Hence, it is highly recommended that you add Krill Oil to your daily diet to stay safe and avoid all sorts of problems pertaining to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis.


  • Krill Oil helps women during Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Premenstrual Syndrome, also known as PMS is a common problem every woman faces due to which they feel tired, experience pain and mood swings which is caused to the menstrual cycle. Medications such as OTS, herbal teas, hot pads etc. do help during PMS but it is not as helpful as Krill Oil is. The problems that arise during PMS can be solved effectively rather than sticking to temporary solutions available.

    Again, Krill Oil proves to be the winner as it helps overcome the problems and symptoms of PMS. As Krill Oil comprises of Omega-3 and anti-inflammatory properties, the hormones function better, thereby resulting in lesser pain and discomfort caused during periods.

    To prove this, research was conducted on a sample of 70 women suffering from PMS. The sample was divided into two groups. One group was administered with Krill Oil while the other group was given fish oil. When the results were obtained, it was found that women from both groups had lesser discomfort and pain during their menstrual cycles. However, the group of women who were given Krill Oil were more comfortable and stated that they had lesser mood swings, bloating, body aches and pain in the breasts and they felt more fresh and energetic due to the intake of Krill Oil during their menstrual cycles. Hence, it can easily be concluded that Krill Oil is far better than any other type of temporary solutions that are available.

  • Krill Oil and its overall Health Benefits
  • As per the studies conducted, it could be discovered that Krill Oil was beneficial for people undergoing various medical problems. However, even if a person is not suffering from any of the medical conditions, Krill Oil still serves as an excellent agent to ensure of good health. Exercises and diets are essential to have a good health. It prevents the mood swings and keeps all diseases away while maintaining your good health. But it must be understood that even after exercising, the body needs nutrients that would help in repairing the muscles that are torn during exercises and work-outs. Due to the presence of phospholipids and anti-oxidizing agents in Krill Oil, even this is taken care of as adequate oxygen is provided to the arteries due to which, the energy levels are kept high at all times. Muscle proteins get repaired at a quicker rate due to Omega-3 and the blood present in the body also gets cleansed.


    This said, it is very important and a great step towards ensuring good health that you make NutraCares Krill Oil a part of your daily diet and stay in the pink of your health at all times.




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