1)  What makes Krill Oil better than Fish Oil?

Krill oil has a unique blend of ingredients such as the naturally present astaxanthin and a carrier of phospholipid structure along with the antioxidants, which is not found in any fish oil.The antioxidants present in fish oil are weak and it is more vulnerable to getting spoilt over a period of time. The phospholipid carrier present in krill oil also facilitates the better absorbing of DHA and EPA, eliminating the need to consume large quantities like that of fish oil.


2)  Compared to fish oil, why is the quantity of Omega-3 less in krill oil?

Due to the phospholipids present, krill oil supplies the Omega-3 directly to your cells unlike fish oil, which makes it one of the best carriers with the utmost benefit to your body. Hence, despite the fact that the concentration of Omega-3 is lower, it gets absorbed readily and effectively compared to fish oil.

3)  Does Krill have a presence of mercury?

As the Krill is harvested around the regions of Antarctica, there is no scope for mercury to be present. Also, as Krill is at the bottom of the food chain, there are no chances that a krill acquires mercury from the food as it eats. Usually, this is the case as the organisms present in the food chain at higher levels get mercury content from the food they feed upon.

4)  Would I be needing Krill Oil even if I take a plant-based Omega Supplement?

Omega-3 sources among plants come from flax, hemp and chia seeds, which are high in ALA, but they lack EPA and DHA. The advantages of Omega-3 can be attributed majorly to EPA and DHA, and there is no much advantage of ALA. This is because ALA is converted into EPA and DHA by the human body, but the ratio is less. Thus, when you consume large amounts of plant based Omega supplements, your body would be able to synthesize adequate levels of EPA and DHA, which is subject to the presence of enzymes in the body.

5)  Is overharvesting of Krill possible?

Despite the large availability of Krill in the Antarctic regions with the quantities ranging from 170 million to 740 million, the precautionary catch limit is enforced by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). The harvest is closely monitored and governed by the CCAMLR, and it is surprising to know that only 2% of the limit is harvested every year.

6)  How is Krill Oil different from Fish Oil?

Krill Oil is more effective to provide your body with the required dosage of Omega-3 when compared to fish oil. The composition of Krill Oil is in a phospholipid form, similar to that of the cell membranes present in the body. Thus, it is absorbed much easily and immediately by the human body. Also, Krill Oil consists of astaxanthin, an excellent antioxidant and also carotenoid. In the case of fish oil, it consists of triglycerides, which then gets converted to phospholipid form in the body due to which the strength of fish oil would get diminished. Instead, due to the direct availability of Omega-3 in phospholipid form, krill oil has more advantages and is more potent and efficient compared to fish oil.

7)  How are Omega-3 fatty acids beneficial for my health?

The Omega-3 present in Krill Oil is highly beneficial due to the presence of EPA and DHA. They reduce the LDL cholesterol levels and also increase the levels of HDL Cholesterol, which is considered to be healthy. Also, it lowers the triglycerides present, reduces the inflammation and promotes the better development of brain among kids, reduces the cognitive decline due to ageing, increases the hormonal balance, reduces the symptoms of PMS and it reduces the stiffness and pain in joints. Due to the high presence of EPA and DHA, the skin glows and looks healthy too.


8)  On consuming Krill Oil, would there be a fishy repeat, aftertaste or fish burps?

No, with NutraCares Krill Oil , due to the purity and encapsulation in Caplique Capsules, the chances of oxidation are reduced. Thus there would not be any unpleasant taste or decreased efficacy in the krill oil. Moreover, the krill oil gets digested in the lower parts of the gastrointestinal tract in comparison to fish oil, thereby further reducing the chances of a fish burp or fishy repeat.

9)  Would Krill Oil act as a good supplement for bodybuilding?

Absolutely yes, krill oil is advantageous in various aspects as it ensures the health of joints, plays a significant role in the reduction of joint pain and inflammation. Athletes or people who undergo vigorous physical activity are in more nutrients due to the energy spent and the damage caused due to oxidation. To counter the oxidative damage, the ingredient called astaxanthin plays a major role. Omega-3 that is found in Krill Oil aids in fat loss and also regulates the thyroid function by increased satiation. As per a study by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Omega-3 present in Krill Oil was found to increase the muscle protein synthesis, thereby helping you in building your body by increasing the muscles present and curbing the fat or simply by increasing the metabolism of the body.


10)  Can I take Krill Oil despite being a vegetarian?

Yes, there are no animal products present in Krill Oil. However, it contains fish and a fish gelatin capsule in negligible quantities. If you are comfortable being a pescatarian or okay with the small quantities of fish present, NutraCares Krill Oil would provide a boost to your vegetarian diet.

11)  What actually is DHA?

DHA, abbreviated for Docosahexaenoic Acid, is an essential Omega-3 fatty acid that should be a part of your diet. It is of much importance for the brain and eyes. Especially, children would be in much need of it so that their brain gets developed effectively, and there is no other substitute to Krill Oil that provides DHA in such high quantities.
The NutraCares Krill Oil contains a whopping 95mg of DHA in each serving and it helps in managing ADHD, depression, heart diseases, arthritis and brain development in babies and children.

12)  What is EPA?

EPA stands for Eicosapentaenoic Acid and is a Omega-3 fatty acid with cardiologic protection and anti-inflammatory properties. It exists naturally in Krill and is responsible for lowering the inflammation, lowering the blood pressure and ensuring the overall health of your heart.
It has similar benefits such as that of DHA.

13)  When will the results of Krill Oil start showing in?

The time before the results start to show in vary. The results can be felt within a few days and for the NutraCares Krill Oil to be visible in the blood results, it may take from 1 to 3 months. To achieve the best results, couple Krill Oil with a healthy diet plan and a regular exercise routine.



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