Krill Oil vs Fish Oil

All the advantages of fish oil without the risks involved!

Fish oil is highly beneficial for health. However, Krill Oil is advantageous and has more benefits than fish oil. The benefits are:

  • Cholesterol is maintained at a healthy level.
  • Enables you to have a razor-sharp memory.
  • Blood pressure level is looked after.
  • Healthy inflammatory pathways are sustained.
  • Hormonal balance is promoted.
  • Joint lubrication and agility is an added advantage.
Little do people realize that by consuming fish oil, which they consider to be beneficial, are just abstaining themselves from achieving longevity and optimal health.

Whereas, krill oil is an excellent antioxidant, called astaxanthin unlike that of fish oil. It is a carotenoid that is responsible for the bright pink color of the shrimp and also helps in the defense of cells. It also protects the DNA against the effects of free radicals. You would be surprised to know that it is an element that is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, thereby transporting the nutrients in the body very effectively.

Apart from this, there are several other reasons that makes krill oil have unparalleled advantages when compared to fish oil. To know more about how beneficial it is over fish oil and view the results, you may have a look at the chart that displays the results of comparison between NutraCares Krill Oil and fish oil.

Krill Oil facilitates an all-round development of your health!

With various scientific studies and research being conducted, some of the noticeable results were:

  • In sustaining healthy levels of cholesterol, krill oil is 11 times more effective!
  • The brain health is promoted on a 6 fold level.
  • Appearance of the skin is improved 3 times within a short span.
  • While undergoing a menstrual cycle, mood changes, cramps and fluid retention are overcome at a degree 4 times better!

Krill oil is a better absorbent!

Fish oil mainly comprises of Omega-3 fatty acid. This exists in the form of a Triglyceride form, like that of a fat, which in turn forms a barrier around the most essential part, thereby making it difficult for the body to absorb.
Whereas, Krill Oil exists in the form of a phospholipid, similar to that of a human body. Due to this absorption of nutrients occurs at a better pace and bioavailability becomes faster and easier.

Krill Oil is a much safer and purer option!

Generally, the fish oils available are extracted from large fishes which contain mercury levels greater than that of krill. Also, due to the vast industry, fish oil is extracted from fishes that are habituated in “farms”, where the fish is subject to chemicals and dyes and this would result in the fish oil being more toxic and lacking the needed nutrients.

In contrast, the NutraCares Krill Oil comes from the krill present in the deep and pristine waters of Antarctica, thereby having no scope for the presence of mercury or any chemical even with the slightest toxicity. The krill used for extraction is pure and not prone to any chemicals.

Krill Oil Lasts for a Longer Time!

Due to the presence of astaxanthin, which is not present in fish oil, the integrity of the fish oil is protected. This makes it stay fresh for longer and it does not go rancid like fish oil. NutraCares Krill Oil has a shelf life of up to two years.

Free from the Fishy-y aftertaste, reflux and the “Fish Burp”

The Antarctica Krill oil does not have any side-effects such as the aftertaste, reflux or the strong taste of fish flavors. The odor is eliminated by making use of Capliques, a proprietary sealed band around the center.

As per our research, there were no side-effects involved even when high dosages were given.

Read on to have a look and choose the best suited plan for you.

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • As per a study conducted by the McGill University, krill oil improves the arterial and cardiovascular functionality on the whole, which ensures that the weight is managed and the cholesterol levels are kept under check always.

  • Healthy Weight Management Supported
  • In the study by McGill University, it was found that krill oil helps to maintain healthy levels of triglyceride, resulting in the healthiness of the kidney. Triglycerides can be looked to as a type of fat present in the blood. It should be maintained low so that the kidney and liver stay healthy.

  • Ensure Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • HDL is the “good” cholesterol whereas “LDL” can be considered as the “bad” cholesterol. A balance needs to exist between both and as per the study, it was found that krill oil helps maintain the balance.

  • High Level of Mental Concentration and Focus
  • Krill oil boosts your mental ability and plays a major role in ensuring that your concentration levels and focus are kept high at all times, even if you start ageing.

  • Inflammatory Pathways stay healthy
  • Krill oil promotes a healthy inflammatory pathway, which maintains the overall joints and cardiovascular health of the body, as per a study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

  • Joints stay mobile and healthy
  • Image6_1
    The problems that arise due to creaky, sore and stiff joints can be dealt with by consuming krill oil, as it is abundant with Omega-3 fatty acids which permeate the joints and make sure that pathways are healthy and metabolic. As per the study in Journal of American College of Nutrition, is was proven that krill oil is beneficial in various ways and it also lubricates the joints present.

  • Glow of your skin is maintained and the skin turns healthy
  • Due to the presence of Omega-3 in astaxanthin in high concentrations, the defense of cells and DNA against the adverse effects caused by free radicals takes place efficiently, thereby giving you a healthy and glowing skin.

Krill Oil has an antioxidant potency 48 times higher than that of fish oil!
The main function of anti-oxidants is to neutralize the free radicals that are the harmful metabolic byproducts which are responsible for damaging the cells and tissues present in the body. Backed by research, it is proven that antioxidants play a major role in the promotion of health of the heart, improvement in the immune system and increased memory support. Ageing also gets reduced due to antioxidants.

When compared to Krill Oil, the foods available today are not sufficient to act as free radical scavengers to the maximum extent. Hence, when there is an antioxidant potency 48 times greater than fish oil available, there is no reason to choose fish oil.
To support this, the evaluations of ORAC have published their findings about genuine krill oil:

  • 300 times more anti-oxidizing compared to Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
  • 47 times more powerful in anti-oxidizing properties compared to Lutein.
  • 34 times more powerful compared to Coenzyme Q-10.

With these results obtained from an independent agency, it can be proved easily about how advantageous Krill Oil is.
Along with this, NutraCares Krill Oil consists of astaxanthin, a flavonoid sourced from the marine life and it is responsible for creating a special bond between EPA and DHA, making it more bioavailable.

Krill Oil is highly useful in the treatment for Inflammation and symptoms of arthritis.

The advantages of Krill Oil has been a topic widely researched and studied upon. A study in 2007 by the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, it was found that within 7 days of treatment, the inflammation was reduced by 19% due to Krill Oil, whereas the other group had an increase of 16% in their inflammatory C-reactive protein. On continuing the treatment for 14 days, the inflammation reduced to 30% and the inflammatory C-reactive protein increased to an astonishing 32%! Krill Oil is thus useful in reducing the pain, stiffness and functional impairment to patients with chronic inflammation and arthritis. The tests were conducted for 14 days with a daily dosage of 300mg Krill Oil provided to the patients.

Quality of Krill Oil

To get the best possible results, genuine processed Krill Oil should be used. NutraCares Krill is harvested from the Antarctic region which is still clean and pristine and not prone to any industrial activity. Also, NutraCares Krill Oil is harvested in accordance with the international conservation standards. Even during the processing phase, cold extraction is used. This preserves the biological benefits that are present in the Krill and the final produce is a chemical and toxin-free Krill oil without any traces of chemicals present.


Hence, it is highly recommended that you choose a brand which provides pure Krill Oil instead of just the name bearing “krill”.



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