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This Agreement contains the terms and conditions that apply to your purchase from or any of it’s affiliates – partners provided to you (Customer) on orders for products. By accepting delivery of the products described on the purchase, Customer agrees to be bound by and accepts these terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply unless the customer has signed a separate formal purchase agreement with, in which case the separate agreement shall govern; or unless other Standard terms apply to the transaction. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior written notice at any time in’s sole discretion.

1. Other Documents : These Terms and Conditions may not be altered, supplemented, or amended by the use of any other document(s). Any attempt to alter, supplement or amend this document or to enter an order for product(s) which is subject to additional or altered Terms and Conditions will be null and void unless otherwise agreed to in a written agreement signed by both Customer and

2. Governing Law : This agreement and any sales thereunder shall be governed by the Laws of New Jersey without regard to conflicts of law rules.

3. Warranties and Disclaimers : disclaims all warranties, express or implied including without limitation implied warranties of mechantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In addition to this Terms and Conditions, customer agrees to be bounded by the acceptance of contract terms contained elsewhere in this website.

4. Return and Cancellation Policy : You are eligible to cancel your order within 24 hours period after you purchase your order. You must inform the order cancellation via e-mail. If you cancel your order after 24 hours period, you must be at your own cost and expense. We stand behind our products. Unopened items can be returned for exchange or refund within 30 days from the date you receive your merchandise. We are not responsible for any purchase after this 30 days period. Return shipping is the responsibility of buyer unless the return is a result of our mistake (i.e., you receive the wrong item). We will pay for shipping replacement back to you if an exchange is requested.

5. Guarantee Policy : All of our goods are tightly inside and outside of the cap sealed guaranteed. All of our goods are going through inspection and examination twice by NutraCares Nutrition employees, and one more last time by Coordinate Manager before all orders are shipped.

6. Delivery and Shipment Policy : Delivery of goods can only be made to mainland United States of America for Free Shipping. All International Customers are responsible for the shipping cost of delivery. Customer is responsible for any applicable duty or taxes or custom charges which may be related to the delivery of the purchase. Delivery times vary by country, but typically fall wihin the 2-3 weeks range. It’s customer responsibility to know the rules and regulations in the country he/she resides and in case shipment held at customs. does not provide refunds unless shipment is delivered back by mail.

7. Payment Policy : The price you pay is the price displayed on this website at the time we receive your order. Any price displayed on this website shall be subject to change at any time. All prices are shown in U.S Dollars and include value added (7%) New Jersey Sales Tax (where applicable) at the applicable current rate.

8. Limitation and Liability : NutraCares Nutrition and does not accept liability beyond the remedies set forth herein, including any liability for products for any reason. will not be liable for lost profits, loss of business or other consequential, special, indirect or punitive damages, even if advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any third party except as expressly provided herein.

9. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions : By ordering any product from NutraCares Nutrition at whether by clicking through over the website, or by using PayPal the customers agrees to be bounded by these Terms and Conditions of Sale, as well as the “Acceptence of Contract Terms and Policies” contained elsewhere in website.



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NutraCares Krill Oil

  • bottel1
    1 Bottle$22.95

    60 Softgels ( 1 Month Supply ) Each $22.95 – Free Shipping in U.S & Canada

  • bottel2
    2 Bottles$41.90

    120 Softgels ( 2 Months Supply ) Each $20.95 – Free Shipping in U.S & Canada Total $41.90 -
    Savings $4.00

  • bottel3
    3 Bottles$59.85

    180 Softgels ( 3 Months Supply ) Each $19.95 – Free Shipping in U.S & Canada Total $59.85 –
    Savings $9.00

  • bottel4
    4 Bottles$75.80

    240 Softgels ( 4 Months Supply ) Each $18.95 – Free Shipping in U.S & Canada Total $75.80 –
    Savings $16.00

  • bottel5
    5 Bottles$89.75

    300 Softgels ( 5 Months Supply ) Each $17.95 – Free Shipping in U.S & Canada Total $89.75 –
    Savings $25.00

  • bottel6
    6 Bottles$101.70

    360 Softgels ( 6 Months Supply ) Each 16.95 – Free Shipping in U.S & Canada Total $101.70 –
    Savings $36.00

  • bottel10
    10 Bottles$139.50

    600 Softgels ( 10 Months Supply ) Each $13.95 – Free Shipping in U.S & Canada Total $139.50 –
    Savings $90.00

  • all_bottels
    20 Bottles$259.00

    1200 Softgels ( Wholesale Deal ) Each $12.95 – Free Shipping in U.S & Canada Total $259.00 –
    Savings $200.00

  • all_bottels
    50 Bottles$547.50

    3000 Softgels ( Wholesale Deal ) Each $10.95 – Free Shipping in U.S & Canada Total $547.50 –
    Savings $600.00

  • all_bottels
    100 Bottles$995.00

    6000 Softgels ( Wholesale Deal ) Each $9.95 – Free Shipping in U.S & Canada Total $995.00 –
    Savings $1300.00